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Phone Screen Cleaners 3Din3D

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Phone Screen Cleaners 3Din3D

3Din3D Phone Screen Cleaners - Lenticular with Doming

3Din3D Phone Screen Cleaners - Lenticular Cleaner with Doming
Unique and patented combination of lenticular print 3D/Flip/Anim with doming resin cover.
Cleaner for smartphones, tablets and notebooks.
Excellent advertising gadget where you can put your own logo or any graphics.
Ideal for cleaning screens, phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks.
Graphics full color offered one of the many shapes and sizes.
The top of the lenticular foil with 3D effects or FLIP or Animation.
Back special kind of microfiber ideal for cleaning screens.
Includes pendant with stylon rubber with a plastic mini-plug jack,
enables attach to your phone through the headphone socked.
Any shapes and sizes are welcome :)
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