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  This website will help you quickly and efficiently make your own product.
Screen cleaners, i.e. phone cleaners.

1. Choose the product type, e.g. a screen cleaner:
  - 2DD Epoxy Doming
  - Sticky Soft
  - 3D/Flip
2. Size - in this section please select the size and shape of the cleaner. The letter designation provided after the cleaner size is crucial information.
    It specifies the place for a tag hole:
  - CR - corner, CRL - left corner, CRR - right corner
  - R - right side, L - left side, CT - middle.
The "help files" tab contains templates of the selected shape in a PDF file.
3. Surface option - information on the type of surface used on the cleaner. There are three types of surface to choose from: epoxy resin, lenticular foil SD/Flip, microfiber with a printed inscription.
4. Base - information on the type of the material used as the base. The base of all types of cleaners is microfiber with high cleaning parameters.
5. Tags - there are two types of tags to select from:
   - a nylon elastic tag with a mini jack
   - a nylon elastic tag only.
6. Type of packaging - in this section you can choose a PP bag with a euro hole or only a bag.
    Both bags are closed with an adhesive tuck.
7. Digital proof - you can order a template of the ordered product.
   It can solely be a digital preview for plain printing.
   It does not concern the 3D/Flip proof.
8. Graphic project - in this place you can specify the need for a graphic project for cleaners of the Epoxy Doming or Sticky Soft types.
    The price of preparing projects for 3D/Flip cleaners is considered individually.
9. Project review - this option allows for ordering a paid project review and sending a trimming line preview for approval.
10. Quantity - select or enter the number of cleaners ordered.
11. Summary - i.e. all information on the ordered product.
12. If you do not want to proceed with ordering any other products click on "Add and go to the cart".
13. In this place you can: log in, register, log out or continue the purchase without registration.
     Note: If you are an Advertising Agency or a Manufacturer from the advertising industry, inform us about it in a separate e-mail:[email protected]
     and send the e-mail with scans of the company documents: confirming the National Court Register Number (KRS), Tax ID (NIP) and National Official Business Registry Number (REGON)
    Such companies will be assigned a PREMIUM ACCOUNT with special discounts.
14. Upload the files.
     To this end, prepare the files in accordance with the following steps:
   - increase dimensions of the cleaner by 1 mm on each side onto the so-called bleed.
   - recommended file formats: JPG, TIFF, AI, CDR, PDF, PSD,
   - bitmap file resolution - 300 DPI
   - color model CMYK or RGB (CMYK is recommended)
   - ector fonts must be converted to curves
     Next, upload the files by pressing the button of the right of this section.
     Remember about the information insert 75 x 75 mm.
    If you do not upload your own information insert we will use a typical insert version.
    review and our insert file is available for downloading from out "Help files" tab and adapted to your own needs.
    For printing of 3D and Flip products a larger number of files must be uploaded. Therefore for the Flip effect, 2 files of the same parameters must be prepared:
    the same dimensions, resolution 300 dpi, CMYK profile, file type TIFF, PDF, PSD, JPG.
    For anim and 3D effects, upload from 4 to 16 files. We advise, however, to consult
one of our consultants by sending an e-mail to [email protected] in order
    to discuss the details.
15. Delivery - in this section enter all data for shipment of the products you ordered and select the mode of delivery.
16. Discount - here you can check your current discount value or use a discount voucher if you already have it.
     The clients with the Premium Account will see information on the amount of discount. A client can choose one of the available options.
17. Sales document - in this section you can select a sales document which you would like to receive. You can choose from a VAT invoice or a fiscal receipt.
18. Summary - if everything has been done correctly, press the "summary" button.
     On this site you will find a detailed description of the product you have ordered and select the method of payment.
19. Method of payment -you can choose from an online payment or a bank transfer.
     We suggest an online payment. This method of payment ensures a much faster processing of your order.
     In the case of a bank order, processing of an order begins only after the payment is credited on our bank account.
     This is the last stage after which you will receive confirmation with an order completion status on your e-mail.

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